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The Acorn Academy is a unique program for kids ages 9 to 18 that provides weekly instruction and education in life skills that are essential to success both on and off the course in a fun, friendly, and competitive environment surrounded by peers.  Whether it be just to develop a greater love for the game, to compete in Junior Events, play for the local high school, or to possibly elevate your game with the goal of obtaining an athletic scholarship, we provide an environment that is unmatched in our area.  Each of our 3 instructors will embark upon a comprehensive program of assessment, training, and coaching that is based upon best practices in the industry and has a proven record of results, while cultivating an environment where learning is fun and rewarding. 

Each student that enrolls in The Acorn Academy will receive weekly instruction on the Full Swing, The Short Game, and Putting while simultaneously being schooled on the underlying principles of each of The Acorn Academy Avenues to Achievement.  Academy classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30-5:00 PM and Saturdays at 10:00-11:30 AM in two semesters.  The Spring Semester will run February through May and the Fall Semester will run August through November. 

Enrollment in The Acorn  Academy will be rewarding for both students looking to advance beyond an early introduction to the game and those who are already very competitive and looking to hone their skills to advance to the next level.  By networking with local high school, college, and university coaches as well as directors of the various Jr. Golf Tours, our instructors keep abreast of what the schools are looking for in a student athlete and what it takes to compete at various levels if that is a student’s desire.  Armed with this knowledge, we help each student identify his or her goals and design a roadmap to achieving them.

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Each student that enrolls in The Acorn Academy becomes eligible for private instruction with any one of ouar 3 primary instructors at 50% off of the regular rate, up to once per week either during or in-between semesters.  Private instruction will be the preferred additional vehicle for most students whose desire it is to advance to competition and who have goals of playing the game competitively beyond the junior level.  Academy students receiving private instruction will be helped with developing a customized practice schedule and will be given periodic on-course playing assessments as part of their instruction.

Enrollment in The Acorn Academy is limited to 20 students per semester and each primary instructor will take on no more than 7 students for private instruction.  Continuing students will have priority over new enrollees at the beginning of each semester.  All classes are held rain or shine unless otherwise notified.

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