VISION – Goals, Planning, & Conviction 

In order to get where we want we have to first have a clear picture of where we are ultimately headed.  Some have called this beginning with the end in mind. This is the foundation of gaol-setting, but the essential next step then becomes learning the process of planning how to get there and developing  the conviction to see the plan through, foar a goal without  a plan is just a wish.  With this in mind students will each be taught how to develop their own personal mission statement, or “Highest Vision” and taught the process to continually refine it by learning from both past mistakes and successes in addition to a unique process of goal-setting

DISCIPLINE – Habits, Routine, & Will-Power 

The foundational difference-maker in successful people in almost every endeavor very often comes down to the habits, practices, and routines they learn and develop at an early age and how they regularly employ those habits.  In athletics it has been found that almost without fail each individual who reaches the pinnacle of his or her field has employed about 10,000 hours of practice in their craft, but for a healthy relationshipo with any game it is necessary to learn the self-discipline to balance practice with play, school, diet, ecercise, and family.  Will-power will be cultivatied to help avoid compulsiveness and make sure that decision-making is in alignment with a student’s self-stated goals. 

HONOR – Honesty, Integrity, & Judgement 

Golf has been called a “The Game of Honor” and the only game in which you call a penalty on yourself.  Honesty, integrity, character, and judgement, however, aren’t just invaluable qualities that are admirable on the golf course, but they are guiding principles that help decision-making when it comes to life in general.  It is our goal that students will not only learn the importance of being truthful and using good judgement on the cours, but also why it directly impacts how you are not only perceived by others, but how you will come to view yourself.


POISE – Confidence, Restraint, & Perseverence 

Developing a feeling of self-assurance by having not only confidence in one’s golfing abilities, but one’s decision-making habits can be the solid foundation that leads a student to success in golf and life.  It can simultaneously be the linch-pin to the restraint and composure poised individuals display as that self-confidence helps them to get over disappointment more quickly and leads to perseverance despite temporary set-backs.  The ability to manage one’s emotions is an essential key to playing good golf and the knowledge that inside every obstacle their lies the opportunity for learning can be an invaluable tool for building self-esteem and maintaining perspecitive.

ETIQUETTE – Courtesy, Civility, & Reponsibility 

Proper etiquette is one of those foundational things necessary to learn in everyone’s jouney to becoming a true “golfer.  It includes courtesy towards fellow players as well as consideration for the course and how one’s own actions or inaction affect both.   And while on the course it may be confined to things like repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, fixing divots, and repsecting fellow competitors, the lessons learned from developing the sense of responsibility and duty that these simple acts teach are ones that carry over to many opther aspects of life.  improvement.

TEAMWORK – Cooperation, Communication, & Support

While competitive golf is often an idividual sport, it is not so at the high school and collegiate level and learning the value of relationships and the ability to grow and cultivate them through cooperation, communication, assistance, and support is something that the game profides and ideal avenue for.  Whether it be with family, friends, community, or in school kids will be continually called upon to use the inerpersonal skills essential to effective teamwork.  it is in learning to develop a mindset that thinks win-win first students will be acquiring traits which can make them and invaluable team member and utimatley a leader.  To emphasize this improtant article, students will be continuallly involved in team competition throughout the semester.

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