Have you been struggling to reduce your golf scores despite putting in countless hours of practice? This is a frustration I’m well acquainted with, as I’ve walked the same rocky road in my early days of golfing.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into highly effective chipping drills and fun-filled practice games that can significantly improve your short game mastery, thereby lowering your scores.

Ready for a game-changing shift? Let’s dive right in!

Effective Golf Chipping Drills For Beginner

When it comes to improving your chipping skills in golf, there are several effective drills that can help you lower your scores on the course.

Chipping Drill 1: Chipping Zone Challenge

Imagine that the green is your canvas and the wedge in your hand is the paintbrush. Now, let’s dive into our first chipping drill, “The Chipping Zone Challenge.” Here’s how it works: start by designating three zones around a hole on a practice green – one close, one intermediate, and one far.

Each zone represents an increasing level of difficulty. Your job? Attempt to chip ten balls from various spots outside these zones with the aim to land them within each ring respectively.

Sounds fun right? This drill not only gives you instant visual feedback but also helps enhance your distance control and overall precision. With consistent practice using this golf chipping technique, you’ll soon see those high scores starting to drop!

Chipping Drill 2: Par 18

One of the most effective chipping drills for improving your golf game is the Par 18 drill. This drill is designed to simulate real on-course situations and challenge you to lower your scores.

The goal of this drill is to chip the ball close enough to the hole that you can make it in two putts or less, ultimately scoring a “par” for each chip shot.

To start, choose three different chipping locations around the green, varying in difficulty and distance from the hole. For each location, give yourself three attempts to chip the ball as close as possible to the hole.

Once all three chips are completed at one location, move on to the next until you have completed a total of six chips.

The key here is accuracy and control rather than power. Focus on getting a feel for how far each club will carry and roll out when hitting different shots with various trajectories.

By practicing this drill regularly, you’ll not only improve your chipping skills but also gain confidence in selecting the right club and executing precise shots around the green.

Chipping Drill 3: Tailor’s Pitching Challenge

For our third chipping drill, we have the Tailor’s Pitching Challenge. This is a great practice game that will help you improve your distance control and accuracy around the green.

Set up different targets at various distances, starting close to the hole and gradually moving outwards. Use different clubs for each shot to simulate real-game scenarios.

The goal of this challenge is to consistently land your chips within a certain distance from the target, ideally within a 3-foot radius. By using different clubs, you’ll be able to work on controlling both trajectory and spin.

Focus on crisp contact with the ball and maintaining a smooth tempo throughout your swing.

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This chipping drill not only helps develop your short game skills but also trains you to adjust when faced with varying situations on the golf course. As you become more comfortable with these precise shots, you’ll notice an improvement in your overall performance during rounds.

Practice Games to Improve Chipping

Practice Games to Improve Chipping include Darts, where you aim for specific targets on the green, and One Shot, Three Clubs, where you have only one chance to chip onto the green using three different clubs.

Chipping Practice Game 1: Darts

One of the most fun and effective chipping practice games for golfers is Darts. This game helps you improve your accuracy and control around the greens while adding an element of competition to your practice sessions.

To play, set up a target area with different point values (similar to a dartboard) on the putting green or chipping area. Use clubs of varying lofts to hit chip shots towards the target, aiming for higher point areas to score more points.

The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible within a certain number of shots. This game not only hones your chipping skills but also adds an enjoyable challenge to your short game practice routine.

Chipping Practice Game 2: One Shot, Three Clubs

One of the best ways to improve your chipping skills is by playing practice games that challenge you to hit accurate shots with different clubs. One such game is called “One Shot, Three Clubs.” In this game, you choose three different clubs from your bag, typically a pitching wedge, a 9-iron, and an 8-iron.

You then set up multiple targets around the chipping area at varying distances.

The objective of the game is to hit one chip shot with each club and try to land as close as possible to each target. This game not only helps you work on your distance control but also allows you to experiment with different trajectories and landing zones.

By using three different clubs, you can get a feel for how each club performs in various situations and develop a better understanding of which club works best for certain shots.

By regularly practicing this game, you’ll start honing your chipping skills while adding an element of fun and competition into your practice routine. It’s important to remember that chipping requires finesse and precision, so focus on making clean contact with the ball and controlling both the distance and direction of your chips.

Benefits of Chipping Drills and Practice Games

Improved short game skills. Lower scores on the golf course. Increased confidence in chipping.

Improved short game skills

Improving your short game skills is crucial for lowering your golf scores and becoming a more well-rounded player. By focusing on chipping drills and practice games, you can develop better control, accuracy, and confidence around the green.

These drills and games are designed to simulate real-game scenarios and challenge you to make precise shots under different conditions. With consistent practice, you’ll not only see improvements in your ability to get the ball close to the hole but also gain a deeper understanding of how trajectory, spin, and distance affect your chipping shots.

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So whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your chipping skills to the next level, incorporating these drills and practice games into your routine will undoubtedly help elevate your short game performance on the course.

Lower scores on the golf course

Improving your chipping skills through effective drills and practice games can definitely lower your scores on the golf course. By honing in on your short game, you’ll have better control over getting the ball closer to the hole, which ultimately leads to a higher chance of sinking that putt.

With consistent practice and dedication to mastering various chipping techniques, such as dispersion control and distance control inside yards, you’ll be able to shave off strokes from your scorecard.

The key is to develop a solid warmup routine that includes specific chipping drills tailored for precision in golf. By implementing these strategies into your practice sessions, you’ll see a remarkable improvement in both your confidence and overall performance when it comes to chipping on the golf course.

Increased confidence in chipping

I have found that one of the biggest benefits of incorporating chipping drills and practice games into your golf routine is the increased confidence you gain in your chipping skills.

As a beginner, it’s common to feel nervous or unsure when faced with a chip shot. However, by regularly practicing different chipping techniques and challenging yourself with various drills and games, you can develop a sense of control and precision in your short game.

The more you practice specific chipping drills such as the Chipping Zone Challenge or Tailor’s Pitching Challenge, the better you become at judging distances, controlling ball flight, and executing accurate shots around the green.

This improvement translates directly into increased confidence on the golf course. When you face a chip shot during a round, instead of feeling apprehensive or overwhelmed, you’ll approach it with confidence knowing that you have put in the time and effort to hone your skills.

By consistently working on chipping through practical exercises like Darts or One Shot Three Clubs game routines as well as dedicated practice sessions focused solely on this aspect of your game, not only will you see an improvement in your skill level but also your overall scores will start to drop significantly.

The ability to confidently get up and down from around the green can save crucial strokes during a round. With improved confidence in your short game abilities comes increased belief in yourself as a golfer which can positively impact other areas of your game too.


In conclusion, incorporating effective golf chipping drills and practice games into your training regimen can significantly improve your short game skills and ultimately lower your scores on the course.

By dedicating time to these specific techniques and challenges, you’ll gain confidence in your chipping abilities, leading to more successful shots around the green. So grab your clubs, set up some targets, and get practicing – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your overall performance.

Start lowering those scores today!

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