About Us

“Unlock your Potential, Release Your Game, Realize your Goals”

This is simultaneously the goal and mission of all our golf coaching programs and every golf lesson we give at Oakdale Golf & Country Club. This is the case whether you are a competitive golfer looking to build a long-term relationship with a golf coach that can help launch your game to the next level, or a weekend golfer that is looking for a golf instructor that will help make the game more enjoyable. We not only offer fun and comprehensive golf instruction programs, golf lesson packages, and golf clinics for golfers of every level, but we use all of the latest technology in a myriad of ways to assess your game and enhance your learning experience, including the Flightscope Launch Monitor and V1 Coaching Video Golf Swing Analysis.

Mike Dowd Golf 4 Core Fundamentals

  1.     SOLID GOLF SWING MECHANICS  with sound fundamentals that enable continued improvement.
  2.     SUPERIOR SHORT GAME SKILLS with expanded creativity and shot-making ability. 
  3.     PRECISION PRACTICE derived from leading research, on-course, and statistical game analysis.
  4.     CUTTING-EDGE MENTAL GAME HABITS to clear roadblocks and fast track players’ success.

Ultimately, success in golf or any other sport will be determined by the level of ignition of each student and so we aspire to create a sense of excitement around the learning process. The most successful coaches in every field are often credited with being lucky enough to have the best and most talented students. What we have proven is that you ultimately attract the best students by providing an unmatched learning environment with proven methods that not only have a history of success, but which foster a culture in which you will be around other students and coaches who are just as passionate about your success as you are. Players are encouraged to keep in touch with their instructors and fellow students via text, email, and twitter and the results of their achievements are continually posted on the front page of our website. We know that you have choices when it comes to who you trust your game with and we thank you for trusting your game with us.

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